Monday, May 20, 2013

Overhaul coming! Reorganizing page for 6th and the new Eldar codex

With a new Eldar codex coming out soon with tons of new possibilities, I just want to give a quick update for what's in store for the future of this blog and cover some of the rumors

First off, the rumors! 
A lot of people are big fans of wraith-centric armies and with the Eldar rumors sporting a new giant wraith construct (Wraithknight), plastic Wraithguard and an Iyanden codex supplement,  GW will hopefully give some much needed love to the Eldar Wraith units and Iyanden Craftworld. directly below you will find a picture of the Iyanden codex supplement, the Wraithknight and video preview of the new codex though I'm sure you guys can surf the web to our favorite rumor sites for more info.

Cover of the Iyanden codex supplement

Wraithknight model
And last but not least, the preview video:

The future of this blog:
A lot has been on hold for me lately as I've been focusing on real life/law school so I apologize to all the readers out there. However, since Eldar are coming out relatively soonish with a new codex and models, I figured it would be best to keep this site in hibernation while we anticipate the new Eldar release. After that, this blog will explode with new content, I promise!

Tactics tactics tactics:
First off, I'll be transitioning my older tactics related articles into an "Archives" section so they can still be read while I make an entirely new "6th edition" section chalk full of unit reviews and tactical articles. I hope to provide tutorials in how to use each unit in the Eldar army in either pictorial or video format. I will also go over fogeworld units when I have time.

The hobby:
Second, you can expect to see a "Hobby" section where I will showcase some neat conversions/paint jobs I've started or found regarding Eldar and Thousand Sons. I have not had the opportunity to paint up/fix up my armies completely and with law school almost done and a lighter load coming up, I think this would be the best time to get started on making my armies look nice.

Battle reports:
Third, you can expect to see more battle reports. I hope to do one at least once a week coming up and will throw down some thematic ones that involve battles that Eldar have taken part of in their fluff or codex. I will also try to get into the tournament scene more and get some tournament coverage reports going as I throw my Eldar into some more major events.


  1. Good to read you will be making a return. You have some great Eldar focussed write ups with tactics and battle reports. Looking forward to it.

  2. Not looking good so far. The Barbie Knight probably has good rules, but does not look good IMO. Seems to be lackluster release rumors so far.

  3. The rumors are too vague/far and few inbetween to really draw any conclusions though I am really excited to see how things turn out. I actually think things look pretty good rules wise and am pleased model wise, though some of the aspects really could have used some love.