Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More rumors from people who say they saw the codex:

So moving on from the last rumor "troll" post, there are some more people posting things they claim to have seen in the new Eldar codex, and these seem pretty legit this time around as well...

So the leaked codex info is compiled over here  and here (better translation). I don't want to post the info here for fear of getting shut down ala Faeit style so check out that link at your leisure. A lof of cool changes and I look forward to giving a codex overview, unit commentaries and tactics going asap!

First off, there are A LOT of changes that I think bring our units more in line with the modern meta and 6th edition. WS4/BS4 across the board where it used to be WS/BS3 is a great change as are our Psychic powers. You can easily make an effective army for any Craftworld now and most units have generally gone down in points while those that have increased in points have special rules to warrant such a change.

I'm already making army lists based on these rumors and the hardest thing for me is staying under a certain points limit or figuring out how many Warlocks I should include. Sadly, the rumors don't have the points for everything (such as weapon upgrade costs) but ultimately, it is a great place to get an idea of what we have to look forward to as Eldar players.


  1. I really think the weapon costs will make or break the army. We can't afford another edition of 45-point Bright Lances, BS4 or not. Hopefully they will be in the range of the Dark Eldar with 10/15-point Scatter Lasers and maxing out in the 20/25-point range.

    Of course, if War Walkers still pay 30 points for a Bright Lance, people will just max out on Aspect Warriors and not worry about such trivial things like ranged weaponry...

  2. I'm really digging what I've read so far. The new book feels like the Eldar truly are an elite force. Especially digging the cost changes to rangers and the buffs scorpions recieved. I can't wait to start building and trying out different Alaitoc lists. Of course all subject to a grain of salt.

    1. you would be happy about the changes to scorpions, you scorpion fanboy you ;). All joking aside, I agree that the army is shaping up quite nicely!

      JRBunn, I agree as well, the points costs for weapons/upgrades will be pretty important. As it stands, I imagine Wave Serpents with Scatter top, Cannon bottom and Holofields will prob be 140 but will be a great place to stick a Warlock with Conceal!