Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Dragon rules rumors (now updated with actual codex entry picture):

So there are rules for the Fire Dragon unit entry floating around on the internet, here is what they are apparently going to be like in the new codex...Now this post is updated with the actual picture of the unit entry from the codex!

Below is a picture from the actual codex entry and can be found on the Itunes preview of Codex Eldar:

Fire Dragon rule update pulled from Dakka which in turn was pulled from 4chan:

"Fire Dragon WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 5 A 1 
Fire Dragon Exarch WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 6 A 1 

-Same stats as before, why fix what isn't broken I guess? Point, click, dead!

Heavy Aspect Armor (3+) 
Fusion Gun 
Melta Bombs 

-Same wargear except they now have a 3+ save...Nifty as the 4+ armor never really seemed to cut it for these guys. Now they can probably survive that exploding tank they blow up or survive the crash of their own Wave Serpent! Wonder if Fusion gun will go up to 18" or not? With the "run-shoot" special rule (see below), they might not need the extra range, though.

Special rules:
Ancient Doom 
Battle Focus 

-Ancient doom is apparently a penalty when dealing with Slaanesh demons (good luck seeing those on the table though) and its kind of a fun fluff rule. Supposedly -1ld to Fear tests from Slaanesh demons?

-Battle Focus is apparently the run-shoot and maybe additional run rule? That would give them a nice added mobility to their Melta, especially coming out of a Serpent. Fleet only helps with this rule as Fleet lets you re-roll run move dice.

-Fleet...a great rule for re-rolling run/charge dice. Interesting to see how this rule has changed over the years eh?

Unit composition/price:
- 5 Dragons 110 points 
up to 5 more at 22/model 
1 Exarch upgrade 10 

-A price hike for a 3+ armor save and the ability to run and shoot and maybe run again? Fair enough I guess, 22 points each and more survivability/killiness...I don't know how I feel about a 6 point price hike until I test the unit out a bit and see how the Exarch powers help the unit out...At least the Exarch is only 10 points rather than 12, seems like all of the Exarch upgrades will be this price.

Upgrade options:
Exarch may take Dragon's Breath Flamer for free or Firepike 15pts 
Exarch may take up to two of the following exarch powers: 
Iron Resolve 5pts 
Crushing Blow 10pts 
Fast Shot 10pts 

-I don't see Tank Hunter which is a really huge shame because that ability made Fire Dragons so much better...Big let down there.

-No idea what Crushing Blow or Iron Resolve do, hopefully it affects Tank/MC killing potential and we know that Fast Shot used to be an extra shot for the Exarch so maybe that hasn't changed? Fast Shot may be nifty with a Flamer.

Dedicated Transport:
May use a Wave Serpent as a Dedicated Transport. 

Wave Serpent dedicated transport is an expected part of this unit entry so hopefully this tank gets a price drop and increased effectiveness.


  1. Liking this news as well as I have enough for 3 units. Price hike does seem a bit steep as we're still T3. Basically we're SoB now :)

  2. Note that the codex entry above does show 2 attacks base on the ex arch.

    1. Indeed, I wrote all of this before I saw the picture and went off of a fuzzy picture/other rumors =). Thanks for the catch, I updated the post to properly reflect the correct stats!