Monday, May 27, 2013

Codex answers or just trolling? Most likely Troll.

Apparently someone over on 4chan has been answering questions as if they have the Eldar codex in hand, here are some of the things said...Grab your salt-shaker and dig in!

Ultimately I like some of the rules but not others and my gut tells me this is wishlist/trolling but time will tell...

Warlord Traits:

Autarchs can roll on the warlord trait table twice and choose one.

Warlord trait table:
1. Warlord and unit gain Hatred (Dark Eldar)
2. Warlord and unit can enter game via webway gate
3. Any unit within 12'' can use the Warlord's leadership
4. Warlord and unit gain Acute Senses
5. Warlord can decide if the first turn is gonna have night fight
6. Warlord can reroll mysterious objectives and mysterious terrain results

I am not sure if this is accurate as they don't really seem that great/powerful, though 5/6 seem eldary in a sense. Also, apparently Eldrad comes with 12" ld bubble power and Yriel throws 3 dice and chooses one.

Random blurbs:

-Guardian Jetbikes are 20 points

-Rangers cost 20 points but their sniper rifles are 48"

-Guardians cost 6 point

Dire Avengers cost 15 points

-Banshees are not AP2

-Wave Serpent field reduces enemy charge range by 3" but allegedly nothing else and tank still costs 90 points base

-Shining Spears are apparently 30 points now, same rules and unit size increased to 10 max

-Farseers can take Jetbikes but Warlocks cannot

-Warlocks are unlocked as an HQ unit when a Farseer is purchased

-Warp Spiders weapons are templates

-Avatar's stats are the same as a C'Tan Shard


WS6 BS9 S3 T3 W3 I7 A3 LD10 5+

Let's you upgrade rangers into pathfinders at 2pts ea, pathfinders are the same as now. He grants his unit stealth, shrouded, scouts and infiltrate. His warlord trait is rerolling mysterious objectives and terrain. His long rifle has 120'' range and ap2.

Interesting if true...Put him in a Wraithguard that has a Warlock with Conceal for some extreme cover and close range Wraithguard anyone?


WS BS4 S10 T8 W6 I4 A3 LD10 2+ 200pts

One arm has wraithcannon by default, can upgrade to scattershield for 10 pts (3+ invulnerability save). The other arm also has a wraithcannon but can be exchanged for ghostglaive (same as wraithsword, free) or suncannon (S6 Ap2 heavy 3, 10 pts upgrade). Can choose two shoulder mounted weapons from shuriken cannon, scatter laser and starcannon.

Really? This may just be wishlisting/trolling, though all of the new big stuff did come with a 2+ right? We will have to wait and see on this one...

So there you have it...Time will tell how accurate these blurbs are or if they are just someone trolling...


  1. Troll I would say. No corroborative proof, also contradicted the rules gleaned from the WD. At first blush my heart jumped when the Avengers were listed at 15 points a model and the Rangers at 20. Still a 2+ 3++ T8 MC would have been nice lol.

  2. Interesting if true...Put him in a Wraithguard that has a Warlock with Conceal for some extreme cover and close range Wraithguard anyone?

    Is this only for Pathfinders or "any" unit? I can see him being placed with many different units, but yes I like the Wraithguard option a lot. Until he gets snipped himself I suppose....

    I'm still planning on running the Avatar, 2 Wraithlords, and 3 War Walkers and a flank, especially if Avatar is getting a few upgraded rules and/or we can get some psychic love and cover of some type. I'm really excited to see how the Avatar is going to be changed.

    The rest of the army is still fast, but this is my normal castle of a table quarter. Semi-expensive, but solid as a brick.

  3. I think this ultimately is a troll, people called him out on it and he stopped posting things. Still, will be interesting to see how close any of this was.