Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Golden Throne GT count down:

With only a few more days to go, I have finally settled on my list for the Golden Throne GT and am getting the finishing touches painted up on my army...With that said, this post will cover my list and what I think the armies to beat will be. Feel free to drop a line as far as feedback for my list or what you guys think will be THE armies to beat.

My list:

2000 points Eldar/Tau: 1999

Eldar Primary: 1226

HQ: 170
-Farseer: 100
-Spiritseer: 70

Troops: 447
-Wave Serpent:110(base)+5(Scatter Laser)+15(Holofields)=135

-Windrider Jetbike Squadron: 51

-Windrider Jetbike Squadron: 51

Fast Attack: 152
-Warp Spiders:152

Heavy Support: 457
-Dark Reapers:250
30(base)*5=150+32(4X Star Shot)+10(Exarch)+10(Eldar Missile Launcher)+10(Fast Shot)=212
-Wave Serpent:110(base)+5(Scatter Laser)=120

-Night Spinner: 125
115(base)+10(Spirit Stones)

Fortification: 85
50(base)+35(Icarus Lascannon)=85

Tau Allies: 688
-Commander: 214
85(base)+20(multi sensor suite)+15(puretide engram neruochip)+25(heavy Iridium)+5(vectored retro-thrusters)+20(velocity tracker)+5(early warning override)+15(Plasma)+24(2x Shield Drones)=214

180(base)+0(Fusion)+5(Ion Accelerator)+5(early warning override)+20(Velocity Tracker)=210


65(base)*2=130+10(Shas'vre)+40(2x Velocity Tracker)=180
-Missile Drones:24

So there you have it, my 2k list in all of it's glory...Will I be able to take the GT with it? What will be the lists to beat? I think the following are definitely top contenders for being touch match-ups:

-Some form of Necrons with 2 Destroyer Lords leading 3 Wraiths with 3 Annihilation Barges and 4+ Night Scythes.

-Mechdar, I know a friend who is thinking of bringing at least 5 Serpents and 4-5 Warp Hunters, that will be a pain for sure.

-Tau...Lots of shooting =(.

-Eldar+Tau/DE have some nasty combos and builds that can really bring the pain.

-Tyranids with 4 Flyrants and a bunch of MCs in tow, virtually a guaranteed 2nd turn charge and probably not possible to shoot all the Flyrants down fast enough.

-Demons with a Screamer Star (2++ rerolling unit of doom) with FMC support.

-IG, their Vendettas and crazy firepower are very scary, especially when you throw in any FW goodies.

These are probably the top contenders


  1. Looks good. Maybe too many points being spent on the Commander. Dies he need velocity track?

    Also do you find that you don't often use the underslung shuriken cannons on the serpants? And is that why you don't use them. I find them useful, but not always necessary.

    1. Hello, the Commaner doesn't NEED Velocity Tracker but it is nice to get a few extra shots off against a FMC or even another Flyer but I probably don't NEED it.

      I will consider moving some stuff around to see what other ways I can spend the points but yeah, thank's for the input!

      Regarding the cannons, I don't find them useful because I usually make sure my tanks are out of 24" and when I am within 24", I'm usually firing the Turret/Shield.

  2. While flyer spam is pretty rough to handle, especially those jive hell turkeys, I feel that you are as prepared for it as you can be sans crimson hunter which is definitely not necessary. As long as you don't get charged turn two you should be fine, and even then with hit and run you should be able to shoot your foe in the face reliably enough. Best of luck sir!

  3. Replies
    1. I don't need more troops because of the way the missions are set up.

      2 of the missions are Big Guns Never Tire with 5 objectives so I will have 7 scoring units-that should be plenty IMO.

      2 of the missions are going to be Crusade but only 3 Objectives so 4 scoring units should be enough or that.

      1 mission is Purge the Alien where troops don't help out all that much and scoring doesn't matter.

      1 mission is Scouring where I have 5 scoring units.

      So ultimately, if I hide the Jetbikes well enough and am careful with the Wraithguard I should be able to snag some objectives or deny opponent's their objectives. Not to mention I have a lot of denial units that can get into position very well such as Warp Spiders, Riptide and Tau Commander if I need.

      If the format for the missions was different, I'd probably need more troops though for sure!

  4. Regarding the earlier underslung cannon post, I agree completely, and would like to add that the ghost walk matrix is definitely waaayyy better for it's points. I've put it on my serpents and done some just awful things with it. Hover tanks never suffering dangerous terrain= Slamming the exit ramp 6 inches up and unloading wraithscythes atop something they should have never been on and tearing apart those choice units that thought they had that extra turn of safety. Priceless.

    That being said if I were you I'd rather have velocity lock.

  5. Overall, I like the list a lot and thing it has a lot of the tools to deal with whatever you may face, which is how I prefer to construct an army. The only suggestion would be to take a Warp Hunter over a Night Spinner as FW is allowed. You lose just a touch of range, but even with the old D-Cannon rules, it is still a great tank that is more efficient than the Nightspinner for very similar points. It is also extremely nasty against things like drop pod assaults (you have a Riptide, but this is a great backup).

    Best of luck at the event. Looking forward to reading how it went.

    1. I agree with the Warp Hunter as I would have loved to have one but I don't own one =(. My friend also went to the tournament and he took 5 of them!!!

      I will post up a tournament overview and my battle reports shortly but I need to recoup for a bit...I will say that I did ok, though =).