Friday, July 12, 2013

Golden Throne GT shout out:

This post is mainly a shout-out to help publicize the Golden Throne GT coming to Pleasanton CA August 2-4 (it's in northern CA). The communication, terrain and perhaps even prize support this year seems like quite an improvement over previous years and perhaps even other GTs so please check the web pages out and if you are thinking about going, GO! A lot of top-notch players will be going and you are sure to see some amazingly painted and played armies.

The link to the Facebook page can be found here and the official web page with scenarios/rules/prizes and all can be found here. A Dakka blog of even more terrain being built can be seen here.

Some pics of terrain and tables you can expect to see:

Tons of GW terrain to boot
A sample table they are working on
So who else is going? What are you bringing? If anyone lives in Southern CA and wants some practice games, post here to set something up or just email me if you wana get a game in with me =).


  1. Soo, seeing is this is the least active page, I figured I'd post a list here for consideration. I call it the council of wraithsight, it uses gifts of asuryan from the Iyanden codex.

    Farseer on Jetbike w/ spirit stones (fate)
    Farseer on Jetbike w/ wraithforge stones (divination)
    7x Warlocks on Jetbikes w/ spears

    10x Dire Avengers
    Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Laser & Holo Fields
    6x Windriders 2x Cannons
    6x Windriders 2x Cannons
    5x Rangers

    5x Warp Spiders

    Wraithknight w/ Suncannon & Shimmershield
    3x War Walkers w/ Brightlances or Scatterlasers against horde

    The goal is to maximize wound regeneration, twin link and generally buff the wraithknight. The seer with the wraithforge will be the attendant of the knight and the council will be nearby to use renewer while those 3 twin linked blasts level the opponents heavy infantry and the council and knight slam into choice targets or continue to maneuver while both squads of concealed jetbikes are capable of seizing my opponents objectives, the dire avengers handle the midfield and the rangers sit back and hide/shoot.

    Any thoughts? Potential weaknesses? Unseen combos? Or perhaps something different entirely that could make this list truly devastating?

    1. It seems like you are going for a Seer Council of sorts so maybe adding in Baron with some DE unit so you get Stealth and Hit & Run wouldn't be a bad idea. Otherwise, I think the Wraithknight should keep the Wraithcannons and give War Walkers either dual Brightlance or Dual Scatter Laser, mixing doesn't really do much for the unit except dilute it's effectiveness IMO. A simple Guide can replace the need for Scatter Laser Twin-Linking.

      You might also drop the Rangers all together and bring Wind Riders down to 3 each to fit in another Dire unit in Serpent.

      Ultimately, I think you will have a problem with Flyers but otherwise should do OK.

  2. Im down to do a couplse of practice games before Throne.I want to see how my Eldar operate against other Eldar. Btw i was the guy you destroyed first round of the Game Empire tourny

    1. Heya, thank's for the comment! I'm down for a game as well, I live in South OC and am in the process of moving and preparing my army but email me at for where you live/want to play and what days/times work for you.