Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eldar Unit Overview/Analysis (Elites)

Previously, I reviewed our Eldar HQ choices and next up are the Eldar Elite options. In this post I will cover all five of our choices.

Our codex gives us 5 choices for our Elites slots: Harlequins, Fire Dragons, Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees and Wraithguard but I think only 2 of them are worth taking, Harlequins and Fire Dragons. The others essentially do what the Harlequins or Fire Dragons do, only, they do it worse. Consequently, the first two entries I will write about (Harlequins and Fire Dragons) will be quite in-depth and detailed whereas the remaining options will get more of a superficial gloss over with commentary on why they are inferior but why you may still want to take them.

These are our Eldar friends from the Web-Way and have a strong close combat focus. Compared to our other choices, Harlequins start off two points more than any Aspect Warrior in the Elites slot and lack an option for a Wave Serpent Transport. When you look at their stats/rules and upgrade options, however, you begin to see why they are superior to our other close combat focused Aspect Warriors.

To begin with, harlequins start off with 1 higher WS, 1 higher Initiative and 1 more Attack than any of our other Aspect Warriors. They also have the Furious Charge rule for +1 Strength on the charge and the "Flip-Belts" rule which allows them to ignore difficult terrain and have the "Hit and Run" special rule. These benefits are well worth the 2 points we pay over our other Aspect Warriors. What makes the unit almost an "auto-take" when you want some close combat power is their ability to buy a Harlequin's Kiss and a Shadow lets talk about their options:

Harlequin's Kiss:
For 4 points each, your Harlequins can get something called a "Harlequin's Kiss" which gives them the "Rending" special rule. This means that on a To-Wound roll of a 6, they will auto-wound anything regardless of Toughness value and these wounds will be AP2. This not only provides us with one of our ONLY sources of AP2 in close combat (good against Terminators) but makes Harlequins that much better if they find themselves in combat with a vehicle as they will be S10+d3 armor pen on the charge with +1 on the damage result for any hits that rend which is more than capable of shredding most vehicles  (AP2 is +1 on the vehicle damage chart). Also worth noting is that most every vehicle will be hit on a 3+ in combat by Harlequins since any non-walker type unit will be WS 0 or 1 regardless of how far it moves.

Note: This upgrade has great synergy with the Doom Eldar psychic power which allows you to re-roll To-Wound rolls allowing you to turn every failed wound roll into a potential rend. Also worth mentioning here is that the new Divination power "Prescience" offers Harlequins a lot in that it allows them to re-roll failed To-Hit rolls which means more potential rend rolls.

Shadow Seer:
This is a definite "auto-take" in that it provides the unit with one of the best means of protection from enemy shooting. For 30 points you get a character that gives your unit Plasma Grenades and the Veil of Tears ability. Plasma Grenades are an obvious benefit since you can now strike at I6 when charging through terrain but the Veil of Tears ability is what Harlequins are known for. Right now, the ability gives them Shrouding and Stealth providing them with +3 to their cover saves (4+ in the open or 2+ while in most other kinds of cover). Until the Eldar FAQ is corrected, the power ALSO forces the enemy to roll 2d6X2 and the result is how far the enemy unit can see when shooting at the Harlequins thus giving the Harlequins immunity to any weapon farther than 24". Keep in mind that blast/template weapons targeting nearby units can still hit or scatter onto the Harlequins so keep the unit a safe distance from everything else.

Note: The Shadow Seer is a Master level 0 psyker which means the power is always on and cannot be stopped by things like a Rune Priest's Rune Staff.

Troupe Master:
This is the closest thing Harlequins get to an Exarch or Sergeant type figure. It gives the unit a model with Ld10, 1 more attack and the option for a free Kiss or Power Weapon. For 20 points, though, I generally never get this upgrade unless I have the points to spare and feel like it. Worth mentioning is that the Power Weapon can be modeled to be a Power Axe for +1 S Ap2 but otherwise, you have lotsa rending attacks for that so I'd keep every model equipped with a Kiss.

Death Jester:
For 10 points, you get a BS4 Shiruken Cannon that is an Assault weapon and causes pinning. This is not a bad option in 6th since you generally won't be running your Harlequins when you want to charge (since running means no charging) and it can be shot through "Overwatch" so this is a nice way to get some reliable S6 shooting. I generally never get this upgrade, though, unless I have the points and feel like it.

Fusion Pistols:
For 10 points each, you can get up to two Melta Pistols with a 6" range. This is the only unit that can take such an upgrade and it will probably get some good use out of it since this is one unit that will generally be up close and personal with the enemy. This is one of those upgrades that you would like to get but never do because of points restrictions.

How to run a Harlequin unit:
There are many ways to gear your Harlequins but ultimately, it comes down to how many points you have/want to invest in them and the rest of your army.

If you are taking Harlequins to be your main close combat unit, then you may want to consider making it 10 strong, Shadow Seer with a Troupe Master if you have the points. If you are taking the unit just to support the rest of your army and need a cheaper close combat presence then 7-8 strong with a Shadow Seer is your best bet. Anything smaller and the unit will really start to feel every casualty. If you really have the points to spare, throw on some Fusion Pistols and maybe even a Death Jester for some light fire support and anti tank. Of course, you can always run multiple units of Harlequins if you feel like it which should see your army dominating in the Close Combat phase. Ultimately, you will want to doom their intended charge target, cast Prescience and Fortune on the Harlequins before they charge in and watch the enemy melt away if your dice rolls are decent =).

Note: Remember that with the "Fleet" special rule, you can re-roll all or just one of the dice on the charge roll making this unit much more reliable than most other close combat units (so if you need to charge 8" but roll a 6 and a 1, you can keep the 6 and re-roll the 1). Since Harlequins ignore terrain, they are never slowed by terrain when moving or charging (other units charging through terrain roll 3d6 and drop the highest). Also worth mentioning is how you can get cover saves from Overwatch/Snap shots so you can most likely get a 2+ cover save from any shots that do hit the unit as they charge (unless they are from flamers, darn flamers!).

Fire Dragons:
These are the quintessential "go-to" unit for tank busting and when you look at their stats and wargear it's quite easy to see why. 16 points for a BS 4 Melta-Gun/Bomb equipped model is the most efficient and cost-effective anti tank unit in the game.

For those people who don't know, Melta-Guns are 12" range, S8, Ap1, Assault 1 weapons that roll an additional D6 for armor penetration for being within 6" of their target. Melta Bombs are S8 Ap1 grenades that can be thrown at vehicles or used on Monstrous Creatures in close combat (see note below on using Melta-Bombs on Monstrous Creatures). This means that not only are the models very capable of penetrating armor (8+2d6= 15 on average) but the AP 1 makes any penetrating result all the more capable of destroying a tank as AP 1 gives +2 on the penetration table (4+ to destroy a vehicle on a penetrating hit, 3+ if it is open topped).

Just look at IG vets who spend about 175 per squad just to be able to take 3 Melta-Guns but have a slower transport, worse armor save and leadership compared to a unit of 5 Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent for about 180 points. What makes the unit even better is the Exarch and the powers he brings to the table.

Note: Melta-Bombs can now be used against Monstrous Creatures. They are essentially S8 AP1 weapons that are used at I1 so this makes the Fire Dragon unit quite capable of downing any MC in the game, provided they survive the initial flurry of attacks coming their way. Worth mentioning is that the Divination discipline has a power that gives a unit a 4+ Invulnerable save, and when coupled with Fortune, this will allow any Fire Dragon unit to tank and kill any Monstrous Creature coming your way. 

For 12 points you get a BS5 Melta Gun shot and options for unique wargear and Exarch Powers:

Fire Pike: This is an 18" Melta Gun (and consequently 9" for an extra d6 for armor pen). Quite nice for 8 points as it gives your unit a longer ranged threat. Quite often my Exarch would be taking out tanks left and right because of the superior range of the Fire Pike compared to the 12" range for the rest of the squad.

Dragon's Breath Flamer: A free S5 Ap4 flamer. Honestly, while some people like to have this upgrade, I think you are wasting the focus of the unit by taking this...The unit has Melta Guns for crying out loud, if you want a place to put Flamers, take Storm Guardians, Seer Councils or Wraithlords.

Crack Shot:
This lets your Exarch ignore cover saves and re-roll failed To-Wound rolls. This is probably one of the most amazing powers for the Eldar as the only way to stop a shot on a tank is by taking a cover save for most vehicles (as not many have an invul save). In short, you will get a 2+ to hit shot that is unstoppable by any form of cover. In 5th, I loved this power for the ability to take out pesky fast skimmers but it is still a worthwhile power to take in 6th as it removes any chance for the enemy to save a vehicle (or model) from cover.

Note: Since the Exarch is a character, if he rolls a 6 to hit, he can choose the model that takes the S8 Ap1 shot that ignores cover.

Tank Hunters:
This ability was seldom taken in 5th because all it did was give +1 to armor pen rolls which was hardly ever needed. In 6th, the rule lets you re-roll any armor pen rolls, even glancing hits to try for a penetrating one. I definitely think this ability is worth taking, hands down, as it virtually guarantees the death of any vehicle you shoot at. This is especially true for vehicles that ignore the +1 dice Melta guns get such like Ceremite plating that Storm Ravens have or other Wave Serpents and you now vastly increase your chances of glancing/penetrating these types of vehicles.

Wave Serpent Transport:
This unit begs to be transported in a Wave Serpent as a Fire Dragon unit that has to walk to its target is asking to be shot to death before it can do anything meaningful. Also, everyone knows that Melta-Guns=dead vehicles, the only problem is getting the Melta-Guns where they are needed. With a Wave Serpent, you can move 12" in the move phase then move flat out up to 18" for a total of 30" of movement. This is more than enough movement to get them where they need to be and with this in mind, I like to keep my Fire Dragon units in reserve so that I can use that 30" movement to get the Fire Dragons where they are needed most.

When equipping my Wave Serpents for transporting a unit like Fire Dragons, I like to keep them as cheap as possible as they are more likely to die and be a target than any other tank when they come into play. Just the obligatory Twin-Linked Shiruken Cannon turret for me. I used to take Spirit Stones but that was when glancing hits had a chance to stun our tanks and the Penetrating chart is more forgiving now so Spirit Stones are no longer mandatory in my book.

Using the Dragons:
There are several ways to build and use a Fire Dragon unit. Commonly, people just buy 5 Fire Dragons for 80 points, stick them into a Wave Serpent and zoom them towards whatever thing needs to die the most and let the Dragons accomplish their mission, dice permitting. Towards the end of 5th, I started taking the 5 man unit with an Exarch with a Fire Pike and Crack Shot giving the unit at least one very good chance of destroying a vehicle as the 2+ to hit with a 2d6 armor pen roll that ignores cover saves stacked the dice heavily in your favor. Now, with how the rules changed in 6th, I think taking larger units with the Tank Hunters ability is a good idea since you will want the unit to stick around longer to be able to do more damage so more models in the unit means that both the Exarch and unit will be more likely to survive and continue bringing the pain.

Striking Scorpions:
This unit is the closest thing to a heavily armored specialist assault unit we can get. They come standard with a 3+ armor save, an extra attack due to their Mandiblaster, S4 attacks thanks to their Scorpion Chainswords and the obligatory Plasma Grenades allowing them to strike at I when charging through terrain. What sets this unit apart from the other units is their ability to Infiltrate and get the Move Through Cover rules.

For 12 more points, you get a higher WS (5), I (6), and Attacks (2) characteristic than the rest of the guys. This is pretty good when you consider the only upgrade worth taking is the Scorpion's Claw which is essentially a Power Fist giving the Exarch 3 base S6 Ap2 attacks (2 base, +1 for Mandiblasters).  Chain Sabers allow you to get +1 attack and re-roll failed rolls to hit and wound while the Biting Blade gives you +1S for every hit. Both of the latter options are too gimmicky and not worth their points when compared to the Scorpion's Claw, especially when psychic powers are available.

This power grants the unit Move Through Cover, which is more of a novelty as it only gives you an extra dice to roll when moving through terrain but not when charging. One nifty thing about the rule is it now allows the unit to automatically pass dangerous terrain tests incase you somehow need to make it through dangerous terrain.

Shadow Strike:
This grants the unit Infiltrate which is nice considering you can now outflank with their Wave Serpent dedicated transport. Otherwise, you can use the power to be much closer to the enemy at the start of the game if deployed on foot. Worth mentioning is that you can't charge any unit on the turn you infiltrate or come on from reserves which greatly limits the utility of this unit.

Wave Serpent:
This unit doesn't need a Waver Serpent to get where it needs to go thanks to infiltrate but it's not a bad idea if you like the idea of being able to outflank with a Wave Serpent. If outflanking, feel free to get any weapon you want, I recommend a Scatter Laser for some juicy Side/Rear armor shots.

Comparing Scorpions to our other options:
For 16 points each, you get a model with 4 S4 attacks on the charge hitting at I5. The unit can stick around in close combat against AP4 or worse attacks much better than any of our other options thanks to their 3+ armor save and when fortuned this survivability is increased much more. However, when you look at our option for Harlequins, you get so much more for what you pay for.

Harlequins also get the same number of S4 attacks on the charge except they are WS 5 and can also rend. they have a better I, get fleet for their charge moves and ignore difficult terrain so won't need to roll that annoying extra dice and drop the highest for charging through terrain. Harlequins also have Hit & Run which lets them get out of protracted combats then swing into another combat or charge right back in for their charge bonuses. Harlequins also have a 5+ invulnerable save which means that Harlequins end up being a more survivable close combat unit against anything with AP3 or lower weapons which is generally what you may end  up being in close combat with anyway. Harlequins also have +3 to their cover saves which makes them much more survivable against shooting than Scorpions will be. Considering all of the above, the only reason to take Scorpions over Harlequins is if you know you are fighting a bunch of units with little to no armor and little to no ability to break a 3+ save OR if you just happen to like them and want them for fluff/playstyle reasons. Otherwise, Harlequins are the superior choice. Straight up, Harlequins will hit faster, harder and stick around longer if used properly.

Failing Howling Banshees:
This picture sums up how effective Banshees are in 6th
These were our "go-to" units for eliminating anything with a decent armor save back in the day, then we got Harlequins. The major selling point for Banshees is that they always strike at I10 anytime they charge and they all have power weapons. Then Games Workshop made Power Weapons AP3 and so that you can't charge out of Wave Serpents. With how 6th edition has changed things, it is as if GW doesn't want anyone to take Banshees.

Ultimately, Banshees are a 16 point S/T3, 4+ save unit that will decimate anything with a 3+ save but they have no good means of getting where they need to be. Sure you can take a Wave Serpent but you have to get out, sit around for a turn taking whatever firepower the enemy wants to throw at them and then charge any target that didn't run away while you were sitting around waiting to be able to charge. Or, you can take a unit of Harlequins that CAN handle getting shot, are fast enough to get to their target and cost less (considering the cost of a Wave Serpent).

One tactic I read about that might work is to simply have the unit for a defensive purpose and if they get shot at, go to ground and hope you had Fortune cast on them. If they get charged, they can get counter attack which is nifty (lol, someone dumb enough to stick their hand in a blender might choose to charge them, or someone with a 2+ save). Another thing that might be silly is to model them all as having Power Axes and hope that its ruled that they still get to strike at I10 on the turn they charge...Then they will be S4 AP2 weapon wielding maniacs and with Prescience and Doom, it will be a sad day for their target...if they get there anyway.

Last but not least is my favorite unit in the entire codex, Wraithguard. In an Elites slot, they are not so good, but in a troops slot, they rock my socks so I'll focus on them in the troops overview.

The only time I've ever taken Wraithguard in an Elites slot, however, is for fluffy reasons when I was running a thematic Iyanden type army. In this case, 4-5 Wraithguard with a Warlock and Destructor in a Wave Serpent ends up being a pretty versatile/survivable unit (if not expensive).

Comparing Wraithguard to Fire Dragons:
So why would you want to take Wraithguard in an elites slot? Because they are T6, 3+ armor and can take a round of shooting without folding like Fire Dragons are apt to do. Also, they can now reliably destroy any vehicle as all you need is about 3 glancing hits to take something out and if you happen to penetrate armor their AP2 gives them +1 on the chart.

Ultimately, however, their cost makes them less of a viable anti tank option than a unit of Fire Dragons considering how you'll need a Wave Serpent to get the unit where they need to be. You can easily get a 10 man Fire Dragon unit with upgrades for the cost of 5 Wraithguard and a warlock. One option to consider Wraithguard as an elites choice is if you want a fast and survivable denial unit. Thanks to a Wave Serpent, you can zoom wraithguard to an objective, get out and stick around while the average enemy unit will struggle to dislodge 4-5 WG in one or two turns by the end of the game.

So this is my overview of the Elites section of our codex. If you picked up a strong bias towards Harlequins and Fire Dragons, you are probably right. Feel free to tell me if you disagree/agree and why below but otherwise I hope this was a helpful overview of what our Elites choices are in the current edition. Also, let me know if you guys think this was too much info in one post as I'll be happy to break it up into smaller ones and make my future posts smaller as well.


  1. Nice recap. Ever since I read the new Veil of Tears rules, I knew Harlies would be pretty dominant (although I was already a big fan and playing them) - although, I didn't realized the spotting distance rules remained (WIN...until FAQ)

    My current list has fortuned Harlies as my front line, followed by my Eldrad led Wraithguard unit (troop) - we both share the same favorites :) Once the Harlies get into combat, then hit & run - whatever is left gets a face full of Wraithcannons!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree that Harlequins and Wraithguard go well together. I've also been tossing around an idea to get Baron from the DE codex in a Wraithguard unit to give them offensive/defensive grenades, Hit & Run and Stealth. The +1 to go first always helps too...

  2. I feel its a sad state of affairs for Eldar when their options in the Elite slot are so limited. Especially when one considers that the Eldar (according to fluff) are all specialists yet this is not reflected on the table top. This is especially true of Banshee's and Scorpions. They really only measure up against opposing troop selections and are not elite in any form or manner.

    I'm hoping that when the new codex is released that one of the assault aspects migrates to the troop slot and the remaining one gets a significant boost. In particular I would like to see the Scorpions stay as is and count towards the troop allotment (perhaps give them fleet). Banshee's either need an overall, or the Eldar need assault vehicles.

    At least the Eldar will likely receive some GW love within the year.

    1. I agree but I do look forward to what is coming for the Eldar. It looks like they will get a massive overhaul based on what models are rumored to be available. The last codex was just a minor update that took out craftworld goodness so I wasn't too thrilled with how Phil took the Eldar in our current codex. It felt kind of bland like the last CSM codex so I really hope they go all out and make Eldar the vibrant army it should and can be.

  3. Dear Yriel, thank you for an interesting read!

    But would you kindly include Forgeworld Eldar units (specifically - from IA 11) into your future overviews?
    It is really interesting to hear your opinion on Wraithseer and Shadow Specters in particular.

    1. Sure, maybe I can do a separate review of our Forgeworld Eldar units as ATM they are not usable in tournaments or regular 40k where I play. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of the units for Forgeworld make it into our codex because the Wraithseer is a REALLY cool model and idea. In fact, I am converting one as we speak and will probably do a post on just the model/conversion and rules.

      Shadow Spectures look cool as well and the Wasp, Hornet and Warp Hunter are all amazing models/vehicles that would really give Eldar a huge boost.

    2. I have a huge personal interest in that as I am currently experimenting with an army list that uses a Wraithseer, Eldrad (4 Divination powers) and a Fortune+Doom Farseer (I like to call her Q'sandria :)) Last time I played with it my unit of Wraithguards with Eldrad had:
      +4 Invul save (from Divination 2nd spell)
      Save re-rolls (Fortune)
      Feel No Pain (4+) (from Wraithseer power)
      My opponents were (ahem) puzzled, to say the least:)

      P.S.: Yes we usually play with 2000 or 2000+ lists with friends, not in tournaments. So double FOC and IA units are allowed. Had a lot of fun last time.

  4. That sounds like fun. Keep in mind that FNP is now a 5+ but can be used against AP1-2 weapons and not weapons that cause instant death, which are few when looking at Wraithguard T6 or Wraithseer T8!

    I like to personally use Eldard for the Eldar powers because he can Fortune 2 units and Doom a 3rd target and I get a regular Farseer with 4 powers, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding to roll on the divination chart.

    My friend makes it a point to kill the Wraithseer ASAP so I try to keep him Fortuned and hidden, the -1 to enemy cover saves is so nice.

    How do you arm your wraithseer? I like to take the D-Cannon even though it is expensive as he can then hide and still shoot.

    1. About the FNP from Wraithseer - Forgeworld released a FAQ after the appearance of 6th edition containing updated rules on Psykers. It is specifically stated there that Deliverance (the FNP for Wraith-units) gives Feel No Pain (4+) (not 5+). This can be found here:

      I also use the D-Cannon - I consider to be iconic for him:)

      As for powers. I agree that it can be wiser to let the Farseer roll on the Divination powers, but for me it is sometimes an issue of points or the appeal of using 2 buffed Guide spells per turn :)

    2. Good call on the Forgeworld link, that does make the FNP from the wraithseer quite nice. Then WG will get a nice 3+ rerollable with a 4+ which makes them probably the toughest unit in the game to crack with the right support.

      Getting two sets of prescience off a turn can be nice, I agree, but I usually find double Fortune better for my plays tyle though when Eldrad gets out of range your options get limited. I hope Eldar power's get their ranges buffed in the new codex.

  5. All I'd say in defense of Striking Scorpions is that their infiltrate rule, their half-decent armour and their reasonable attack profile means they are great at distracting an opponent while your Harlequins get into position. What's more, with the new wound allocation system the juicy units you are going to want to charge with a Harlequin are probably hidden behind a wall of fodder. A unit of infiltrating Scorpions can potentially take out that "human" shield - or at least distract it - more reliably than shooting at it. Anyway, I hope that doesn't sound too desperate (I like the Scorpion models a lot)! I see them like Waywatchers in WHFB - they can't do much damage, but they have the potential to disrupt your enemy's plans and freak them out!

    1. I can see your point on the use of Striking Scorpions, they definitely excel at taking out lightly armored infantry which are likely to be enemy fodder, however, that is perhaps where their use ends. I think out of the other options, I gave Scorpions a better valuation but when a points limit is in mind, it would be better to just take another Harlequin unit than a Scorpion unit IMO =(.

      They do have cool models/fluff and I'd like to see them be changed to have more of that hunter/assassin role so maybe they can get some kind of "marked for death" rule against a particular target? Who knows, I just think they could use some love from GW.

  6. ...or at the very least, being "Scorpions" and all, GW could make their attacks poisoned!

  7. I've tried running the Eldrad, Wraithguard, Harlequin, Farseer block combo in a few games now, and whilst they all survive the game, my opponents spend the majority of the time just ignoring / avoiding them. With such a large point sink in these units, the rest of the army gets taken down, leaving me with a lack of victory points or units to contest objectives. Ideas?

    1. What points level are you playing at? I find that they work really well at 1850+ otherwise the way I run them is very restrictive.

      Also, what else do you have in your army?

    2. 2000. The rest is 6 Jet Bikes (1 unit of 6 or 2 x 3), a squad of 9 Dire Avengers with Exarch, a squad of 5 Pathfinders, Wave Serpent with 6 Fire Dragons, 2 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers, a squad of 5 Dark Reapers with Exarch and a unit of 5 Warp Spiders with Exarch. I tend to march the Wraithguard up the middle due to their short range guns, but that leaves the other units without any psychic support in the Doom / Guide area.

  8. I know it's been awhile since you wrote this, but after getting in several games now with my own Eldar and learning the mechanics of 6th, I think there are a couple of points worth mentioning in regards to Harlequins:

    1. Death Jester: It is a 10 point upgrade, but don't think of him for shooting. He is considered a character model and is great to have when you don't issue a challenge, but your opponent does hoping to minimize the amount of damage one of your own characters can dish out. This can be especially true when you assault a blob IG squad. With Fortune and a key character leading the assault, they can weather Overwatch fine. However, you can't get bogged down in a protracted assault. This can help ensure your characters produce as much damage as possible. I discovered this and with one Harlie squad caused 18 wounds to 2 losses, easily routing an entire Blob squad.

    2. I sacrifice some mobility, but Eldrad is a mainstay in a Harlie squad. If you all allow DE characters joining the Eldar Harlie squad and still benefiting from Fortune, then I'd definitely recommend Vect. He gives the unit Fearless and Preferred Enemy as well as the Shadowfield. It is a highly expensive unit, but if you give your opponent another fast moving threat, you create very tough choices for your opponent. I've opted for a jetbike Seer Council (Fortune Doom) which acts as a great distraction and tarpit unit. They really help ensure the Harlies get where they need to be, despite the slowed movement by having IC's without Flip Belts with them.

    As always, enjoy your views on Eldar and looking forward to future articles.

  9. I'm sad how Banshees got so nerfed with sixth, I like the idea and fluff off them, and they were fun to threaten terminators which, who happened to be my friends fave units a bit back.

  10. One major thing to think about is that they have no armour save and just a 5 inv. Thats not good in close combat i rather scorpions as they survive in close combat even with a farseer/eldrad leading them they die quite easily and against a unit with more than 10 guys (I'm thinking about orks and tyranids), these die so depending on who you fight depends on whether you use these or scorpions. Against Marines, Tau, Necrons and other eldar players and anything which is mostly shooting l take harlies but against hordes and going in blind for example tournaments which you can't have 2 lists and choose the one you want before the game I will mostly take Scorpions!