Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random post: Good deals and an Eldar showcase

Sometimes it's just nice to post what's on your mind, or to share some things you found that are pretty cool and this is one of those posts. I found a blog that has some REALLY nicely painted Eldar models that I wanted to share with you guys along with a really sweet deal I got at a local auction!

First of all, before I direct your attention towards the amazingly painted Eldar I saw, I was at an auction where people were selling/trading off old models. I managed to trade a NIB shrinkwrapped GK Terminator and Land Raider for the following:

3x black sprayed and well assembled Wave Serpents, 1x black sprayed and well put together Falcon,  3x black sprayed, well put together and slightly painted War Walkers armed with Scatter Lasers, 4 painted Wraithguard models and 3 black sprayed Warlocks.

Is that a good deal or what? I think the guy was really happy with what he got so I am glad for him, we both got things that we felt were nice so rock on I say.

With that said...Though I am not too keen on the stars/space bit of the scheme (probably because I can't hope to replicate it), I would love to just have a tank painted like this with the alternating stripes going at one point. ...Blog link here. With a sample picture below:

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