Monday, June 20, 2011

Throne of Skulls Las Vegas 2011 tournament:

Sorry that my posts have been, well, non existent but I've been really busy with real life and getting ready for the Throne of Skulls tournament and now that it is over, I wanted to drop a few lines about it and how I did:

I got a qualifying ticket from finishing in the top 3 with my hybrid mech/foot Iyanden Eldar in the 'Ard Boyz tournaments and since then I have been thinking of a fun list with some jetbikes to bring to the Throne of Skulls tournament. Well, I finally put a list together a few months ago, fine-tuned it and actually *GASP* painted my models, or at least got 3 colors on them and based them so that they were legally playable in this tournament.

My Eldar set up in all of its 3 color minimum requirement glory.

After that, I drove to Vegas with my lovely, wonderful, supportive and patient wife (if not for her I wouldn't have been able to make it) and threw down for 5 surprisingly fun and challenging games and came out with the title "Best Eldar player". There were at least 10 other Eldar armies competing in various forms ranging from all mech to a full footdar list and the competition was pretty fierce amongst my Eldar brethren but in the end I had the best score, huzzah!

Now to take a label maker and glue "EVAR" over the "2011"
part of the award and I can retire =).

So with that said, I will eventually be posting battle reports of all of my games along with my thoughts on the format/tournament as a whole. In the meantime, feel free to post any comments/questions any of you might have and don't worry, Charlie, I have not forgotten about your request for an Altioc style battle report to be posted!


  1. Any chance of a detailed account of the Eldar lists?

  2. Sure, from what I can remember:

    A friend I know from a semi-local store in Riverside (GMI) named Toby brought a light list with the Avatar, a Farseer with doom/Fortune, a squad of rangers, a squad of Dire Avengers, a squad of Guardians (brightlance), a unit of Jetbikes, a squad of warpspiders, a Wave Serpent for one of the units, I forget which one and a Wraithlord with BL/EML. I am not sure if he had anything else but I can try to get an exact list when I ask him. He won 2, tied 1 the first day and lost his last 2 games.

    Another friend of mine named Reece Robins who is in the bay area brought foot Eldar and I think he had Eldrad, Avatar, a bunch of foot units like Dire Avengers and maybe Guardians and I have no idea what else. he won 2, tied 1 the first day and second day did not show up because he went skirt chasing basically =(.

    My third round opponent had a farseer with fortune/doom; Autarch with banshee mask, fusion gun, power weapon; 8 Fire Dragons, 3 squads of 5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents, a squadron of 3 Vypers with scatter laser/Shiruken cannons, 5 Warp spiders with Exarch, 1 Night Spinner. All the wave serpents had scatter laser/spirit stones. He whent 2 wins and 3 losses.

    I also saw another Eldar player who apparently went 3 wins and 1 tie with 2 Falcons and a bunch of other skimmers which I don't know what exactly he had in them.

    The rest of the Eldar players all had some pretty random army lists (one of them got best painted I think) and had stuff like Dark Reapers, Wraithlords and a unit of Wraithguard in a Wave Serpent and so on, I don't think the rest did too well in the tournament.

    There were unsurprisingly an overwhelmingly large number of IG (I played IG twice in a row for my first 2 games, what a joy that was...) They almost ALL had 3 Vendettas, 2 Manticores, Hydra and rest in Chimeras. Playing against such armies really showed the age and frailty of the Eldar codex, though I don't think my list was really geared to fight such a matchup.

  3. Thanks man, its good to see that a 4th edition codex was represented in sin city so many times.

  4. Congrats. I am definitely interested in how the event played out. I didn't have as much luck with my Eldar at the Endlesscon GT (1-4), but I managed to snag the most votes for Favorite Opponent.

    Big props to getting the army painted. That must have been a lot of late nights going from plastic to painted in such a short period of time.

  5. Yeah, I think I stayed up until 4 AM quite a few times getting the paint on these guys =). Now I need a decent way to store/carry the army! I still use tissue/bubble wrap and a card board box.

  6. I use a Battlehive II, from CrystalCastle ( It holds all my infantry and 16 vehicles so far and I still have some leftover room. It cost @ $100, but it held my entire Eldar army, so I think it was worth it. However, you have to pluck the foam yourself, so it will take a little bit of time.