Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Throne of Skulls Eldar army:

After getting a few emails about my army that I took to the Throne of Skulls tournament, I decided to post some pictures of individual units/models and provide the fluff/army list I used.

First off, I wanted to bring a fluffy, characterful and thematic list rather than just some cookie-cutter list that a lot of people brought for their respective armies *cough* IG *cough*. So, with that said, here is the fluff/story I wrote for my army followed by my army list and then some pictures of the individual units:

The fluff behind the army:

"Hand picked by Yriel himself and aptly named “The Host of Twilight”, this cadre of Iyanden’s finest warriors is questing for a means to restore Iyanden to it’s former glory as well as rid Yriel from the vampiric embrace of his Spear of Twilight. Indeed, Iyanden is on the brink of extinction and collapse, as is yriel, having suffered many long and hard years of being slowly drained of life. 
The wise Farseer Fhaisorr'ko, however, has reached into the distant strands of time and managed to grasp a thread of hope for yriel and Iyanden both, for the Farseer has seen a means to release Yriel from the Spear of Twilight and transform Iyanden into a fertile and veritable paradise. The Spear of Twilight can only be unbound from Yriel through the use of an artifact of ancient origins called Vaul’s Unmaking which is found on a distant crone world who’s location is only known by the denizens of the Black Library. Also foreseen by Fhaisorr'ko is another artifact which was used to form worlds and create life by the ancestors of the Eldar and this is the prize and that which the hope of Iyanden rests upon. The artifact Vaul’s Unmaking is needed to retrieve this priceless boon and free Yriel from the slow death that wielding the Spear of Twilight demands. 

The moment Yriel heard of this portent he personally set out to organize and lead this crusade into the unknown so that Iyanden can know that there is hope...Equipped for speed, above all else, Yriel leads the Host of Twilight from a jetbike of ancient origins which has the Spirit Stone of his closest friend who was slain in the Tyrannic wars many years ago. Together, with Yriel’s tactical brilliance coupled with his friend’s spirit and Fhaisorr'ko’s ancient wisdom, they will find the means to restore Iyanden and redeem it from its reliance on the dead and finally give their ancients the proper rest that has so long been kept from them."

The Twilight Host: 1495 points:

HQ: 303

-Admiral Yriel: 70(base cost)+30(Jetbike)+3(Banshee Mask)+10(Power Weapon)+10(Fusion Gun)=123
-Farseer Fhaisorr'ko: 55(base cost)+30(Jetbike)+30(Fortune)+20(Eldritch Storm)+20(Spirit Stone)+15(Runes of Warding)+10(Runes of Witnessing)=180
Elites: 190
Fire dragons “The Flames of the Asuryan”: 16(base cost)*5=80
Wave Serpent “The Chariot of Fire”: 90(base cost)+10(Spirit Stones)+10(Twin-Linked Shiruken Cannon)=110
Troops: 492
-Guardian Jetbikes “The Hope of Iyanden”: 22(base cost)*6=132+20(2XShiruken Cannons)=152
-Dire Avengers “The Heralds of Redemption”: 12(base cost)*5=60
Wave Serpent “Wind of Deliverance”: 90(base cost)+10(Spirit Stones)+110(Twin-Linked Shiruken Cannon)=110
-Dire Avengers “Fate of the Asur”: 12(base cost)*5=60
Wave Serpent “Portent of Salvation”: 90(base cost)+10(Spirit Stones)+10(Twin-Linked Shiruken Cannon)=110
Fast Attack: 280
-Vyper Squadron “Shelwe - The Song of Destruction”:45(base cost)+10(Shiruken Cannon)+15(Scatter Laser)=70*2=140
-Vyper Squadron “Murehk - The Wrath of Khaine”:45(base cost)+10(Shiruken Cannon)+15(Scatter Laser)=70*2=140
Heavy Support: 230
-Fire Prism “The Hand of Light”: 115
-Fire Prism “The Sting of Death”: 115


First off, we have my Autarch on a Jetbike. I originally wanted him to have a Laser Lance and Mandiblaster but due to points and the decision to include Eldritch storm on my Farseer, I had to downgrade, and it turned out to work out just fine as a power weapon in subsequent rounds of close combat helped out a lot.

For the rider, I took a Dire Avenger head and put it on a High Elf Dragon Prince torso then cut out the Legs from the Dragon Prince rider from the horse, shaved/cut it down so it would fit on a jetbike and used the Autarch Laser Lance for the weapon.

For the Jetbike, I put some of the Wraith Lord arm bits on the ends of the fins, use some of the Dragon Prince helmet/Horse armor bits and ribbons for the hood/carapace and for the back bit used the top of the Dragon Prince horse head and then glued a modified Dragon Prince lance with a Dragon Prince banner attached to the back for a banner pole. Lastly, I glued an old Dark Reaper Reaper Launcher to the bottom (so I can use a Reaper Launcher or use it as a Fusion Gun) and greenstuffed the gaps in the model. I am far from being finished but like I said in a previous post, I just wanted to get the 3 minimum colors on the model so I could use it. 


Next off is my Farseer. This was a simple conversion which involved a Dire Avenger head/arms and torso on a Guardian Jetbike set of legs. The Jetbike itself has the Dragon Prince shields on the sides and hood/carapace along with a Dragon Prince horse head top with a Lance as a banner pole. For this model's hood shield I greenstuffed Iyanden's symbol and will definitely need to paint that up to make it more noticeable. 

Fire Dragons:

Next we have the mighty Fire Dragons. For these guys, I used High Elf Dragon Prince heads and torsos with the Dire Avenger legs and tabards. For the guns, I used the Dire Avenger Catapult arms, cut the Catapult away so all that remained was a little bit of the gun and greenstuffed the Fusion guns and in the other arms used some random Dragon Prince arms or Guardian Jetbike rider arms with grenade bits I cut away from the ammo belts in their hands (if they were not holding the Fusoin Gun with both hands). For the "Exarch" I used part of the Dragon Prince horn and glued it to the front of a modified Dire Avenger Catapult arm/gun. I plan on making more of these models and making some Exarchs with Fire Pikes.

Guardian Jetbikes:

A close up of the shields on the side

Now come the Jetbikes I used as my Guardian Jetbikes. Originally I was going to make these all fancy to be used as Seer Council jetbikes but for this list they were just regular Guardian Jetbikes. For these models I used random tabard bits from the Dragon Prince horse head/model on the sides that have the shields along with the Dragon Prince tassels on the rear. I also greenstuffed the gaps between the shields and Jetbike body to make it look more natural and once again used the Dragon Prince horse head on the rear of the model with the Dragon Prince lance as a banner pole.

The rest of the army is just the stock models painted Yellow and Blue but for the Wave Serpents I used the Dragon Prince lance in leu of some of the stock sensor prongs and also put some Dragon Prince dragon emblems on the turrets in place of some of the stock antenna bits:


Wave Serpents:

Fire Prism:

Well, there you have it, my fluff/army list and pics of my army. I hope everyone enjoys this post and feel free to comment! Also, keep in mind that I am nowhere near finished painting these models so I'll definitely post more pics as the work progresses.


  1. I don't know much about Eldar lists but I love the paint work on these.

  2. Cool, thank you for the feedback Warflake, what armies do you play?

  3. All of guard players did seem to have the same list. Manticores, Vendettas, and Chimeras!!

    I sent you an e-mail.