Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A mini update with a WIP jetbike:

Just giving a little update on some up coming content and thought I'd throw in a WIP picture of some Jetbikes I am actually painting.

I've actually been pretty busy in real life lately. Between getting let go from my last job to helping my wife with her sister's baby sower and having a ton of other stuff on my plate, I have not had much time to blog but everything is cool so no worries! In a little bit I will be adding some battle reports from some games with my foot Iyanden army and a special requested Altioc ranger army vs a friend's Dark Eldar.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post some pics of a WIP Jetbike model I painted up as a test. I am not sure if I am sold on the scheme but any comments or feedback are welcome. I definitely wanted to go for an "Iyanden" theme so I plan on adding some blue stripes to the carapace (the hood) and adding more details/highlights but this is the general color scheme I am going for.


  1. Looking good. Yellow is an extremely hard color to paint, especially with a secondary color such as blue. Get a spot of blue on the yellow and it is a real chore to go back an touch up the yellow. Best of luck getting more done.

  2. Thanks, Charlie, I've learned a few things while painting yellow...Mainly I've started with just a simple white primed base and did all of the dark colors first then when they were set I did a simple yellow ink wash followed with a drybrush of darker yellows building up to the brighter ones. This army has been a big learning experience for sure.

    Also, a general note to anyone reading this, I am having technical difficulties with my computer/internet connection at home so until that is fixed, updating content may be slower than possible, sorry!

  3. Not sure where to put this on the blog, but I'd like to see what words of wisdom you could impart upon my Ulthwe' army revamp. Since 2nd edition, I've played a Guardian heavy styled army and had a lot of fun with it. In 3rd edition, GW gave out the cool Craftworld rules and Ulthwe' fit my theme very well. I've gone back to tweaking it a bit now in 5th (and close to 6th edition) and am looking forward to using it. What would you see as glaring issues? It's geared for 2000 points and I have a few points left over:

    Autarch, Fusion Gun, Scorpion Chainsword

    3 x 5 Fire Dragons
    3 x Wave Serpents, twin linked Shuriken Cannon

    2 x 10 Guardians, Scatterlaser
    2 x Wave Serpent, twin linked Eldar Missile Launcher
    6 Eldar Jetbikes, 2 x Shuriken Cannons
    3 Eldar Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannon

    3 Vypers, 3 x Scatterlaser

    3 Warwalkers, 6 x Scatterlaser
    3 Warwalkers, 6 x Eldar Missile Launcher
    3 Warwalkers, 6 x Shuriken Cannons

    No real assault capability, but the idea is to go second and utilize reserves/outflank. I think it has the shooting tools to handle mechanized as well as hordes. However, if I screw up movement, multi assaults could wreck it.