Monday, April 4, 2011

Calling all readers! What kind of content do YOU want to see?

This is a simple post directed at anyone who reads this blog or is interested in giving feedback. I have a battle report or two that I am working on but in the meantime, I want to know more about what you guys want to see and like to read.

So this blog is almost 6 months old and has seen a lot of battle reports and tactica articles and I hope they were helpful. My goal is to make this blog into a great resource for all things Eldar and maybe eventually Tyranids, Tomb Kings and even Warmachine (Retribution of Scryah). With that said, though, I also want some feedback on what kind of content you guys really enjoy the most so I can try to focus on that sort of thing.

-Do you guys like battle reports? If so, do you guys enjoy the ones where I use unconventional units the most or a mix? Would you guys like to supply me with lists that you would like to see in action and put into battle reports?

-Do you guys find my Tactica articles useful? What other tactical aspects of Warhammer or Eldar are you guys dying to hear about or discuss?

-I know my painting, modeling and conversion posts are minimal at best and I plan on working on that. I am painting my army as we speak so you can expect a post on that down the road-and battle reports with fully painted Eldar!


  1. So far so good, I really like that you jump into the model range of the Eldar using rarely used units. Keep it up. Not sure what your personal collection is like but I would like to see you try your hand at an Alaitoc stealth list (where every unit has some form of stealth/outflank/deep strike.

  2. That sounds like fun, I'll try to get a game in with that kind of army against a friend of mine. I am thinking some combination of Autarchs and a Farseer (for doom) and some Ranger squads, Warwalkers and maybe Harlequins?

  3. Ok, here is the challenge...

    Only units allowed:


    Autarch with spider pack (for deep strike)


    Rangers (infiltrate)
    Forge World Walkers (deep strike)


    Scorpions (require Exarch with outflank)

    Fast Attack:

    Forge World Hornets (outflank)
    Warp Spiders (deep strike)


    War Walkers (outflank)

    When I got back into the hobby last year, I tried to make the above list restrictions work to no avail. Mind you the Forge World rules are relatively new. I would really appreciate a vet to play test the above list to see if my original vision of a fun army could work.

  4. I plan on making a list with an Autarch, 3 squads or so of rangers or pathfinders, a squad of warp spiders and 2 vyper units and some war walkers for heavy. Forgeworld rules are typically not allowed in tournaments and are generally frowned upon in games where I live so I'll stick to just codex units =).

  5. Right on man, looking forward to the battle report.

  6. I found your site only in the past month or so and found it fairly informative. I've liked the unconventional army lists and how they've performed in tourneys. You've take care with the photos and powerpoint to make it fairly clear what is happening each round.

    Your tactica articles are well written and you put the rubber to the road when you look at the battle reports.

    My only criticism: paint your army ;) That is where you can really rub it in your opponent's face: beat them with an uncompetitive codex and a nicely painted army.