Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sprue Posse outcome and overview:

So now that the dust has settled from the Sprue Posse tournament I think doing as well as I did and being the only Eldar player there deserves some measure of celebration. I ended up with a 3-1-1 score and was in a 4 way tie for 3rd  but after tie-breakers I got nudged into 5th place. The competition was fierce as several people with top 10 rankings from  were there amongst other internet big shots from Dakka Dakka.

The Eldar war machine:

My Eldar army

With all of that said, I don't think I played a single bad player and I had a lot of fun, challenging games so the thing to do coming out of an event like this is to see how you can improve your game. For me, I learned more about how to play certain units better and I have some ideas on how to change the army list around a bit for more of a fun and competitive edge. Specifically, I found that putting my Autarchs with my Guardian Jetbike units made me play too aggressively with my GJBs so I put them in needless danger so I am thinking of adding a unit of Shining Spears in there somewhere/somehow and seeing how they do. I also scored relatively low on sportsmanship so I want to work on that aspect of my game and this is probably because I can be quite the rules lawyer at times.

Breakdown of games/opponents and tournament results:

I will post battle reports of my tournament games but for now:
-First game was against SW. Mission: KP-win
-Second game was against Nids. Mission: Capture and Control-win
-Third game was against IG. Mission: 5 objective Seize Ground-win
-Fourth game was against SW. Mission: KP -loss
-Fifth and final game was against SW. Mission: 3 objective Seize Ground-tie

The tournament had 6 spacewolves, 3 Orks, 3 Dark Eldar, 2 Space Marines, 2 Tyranids, 1 Dark Angels, 1 IG, 1 Chaos Demons, 1 CSM, 1 Eldar.

The top finishers were Nurgle CSM in first, Hydra/Chimera IG in second, Wolfstar SW in third, Razorback/missile spam SW in fourth, Jetbike Eldar in fifth and another Wolfstar SW army in 6th.

Check out  for full coverage of the event and if anyone is local, go to their events!

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