Friday, January 28, 2011

Classic Iyanden:

After trying to speed paint some of my Jetbike Eldar for a tournament tomorrow, I realized that I probably won't get them done on time so while at work I was thinking about bringing a more fluffy, fun, Iyanden themed army (that I only need a few more models to paint).

I wonder if anyone remembers 3rd edition when people took a random mish-mash of things or fun themed lists with great success and 5 man las/plas squads from CSM and other min-maxed units were an anomaly? So with all of that said, I'm going to do it, I'm going to bring a themed, fluffed out Iyandenish army to a 1500 tournament and see how it does!

The list:

HQ: 268

Farseer: Witnessing, Warding, Fortune, Spear=113

Troops: 531

Wraithguard: X10, Spiritseer, Enhance=396
Dire Avengers: X9, Exarch, Bladestorm=135

Fast Attack: 280

Vypers: X2, Scatter Laser, Shiruken Cannon=140
Vypers: X2, Scatter Laser, Shiruken Cannon=140

Heavy Support: 420

Wraith Lord: Scatter Laser, Eldar Missile Launcher=135
Wraith Lord: Scatter Laser, Eldar Missile Launcher=135
Support Weapon Battery: X3, D-Cannons=150


Oh those were the days!

Above is a random picture of me playing my Iyanden Foot list in the 'ard boys finals, I managed to place 3rd. The army is really fun, really competitive but has a hard time vs certain IG builds but given the current meta game and depending on how much fun I have at the tournament tomorrow, I might bust them out for some more playtime! After the tournament, I'll be posting a flurry of battlereports, from that Sprue Posses tournament I played my Jetbike Eldar in as well as tomorrow's 1500 point tournament.

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