Friday, January 21, 2011

Developing your hobby:

There is a lot of talk on the net and in the gaming community in general as to player types, army types/tiers, meta game and so forth but where does this all fit in within your identity and evolution as a hobbyist?

The Hobby can be broken down into two major categories:
-The creative aspect which I mean to include painting, customizing/conversions and general model building.
-The tactical aspect which I mean to include tactical acumen/generalmanship and army selection/list building.

Many players tend to focus on one of these two major aspects of the hobby to the exclusion to all else while others tend to meander somewhere between them. There is nothing wrong with this since that "focal" point for them is what they probably like or enjoy best about the hobby. The emphasis and pursuit of one particular facet that makes up wargaming in general, however, causes the majority of the strife within the community.

Now, I'm not trying to write another article on player types and so forth but more along the lines of what we can do to grow in our hobby and advance the community. So while some people are limited in their capacity to grow as hobbyists by their personality traits/lack of maturity, those that are not so limited should endeavorer to push the envelop.

Renaissance men:

Renaissance man has more talent in his mustache than you can ever hope to attain!

So with all of that talk, I would suggest that we strive to be a renaissance man, of sorts. This doesn't mean you have to be the best general, painter and converter evar but that you should be constantly trying to improve your abilities and understanding in these areas.

So I challenge everyone to examine where their biases/weaknesses are in the hobby and to strive and change them for the better. You don't have to think that aspects of the hobby that you generally don't enjoy are better than what you favor but you should strive to accept them as equal and maybe try dabbling in them a bit. After all, I didn't really appreciate theater until I took a theater appreciation class in college. Ironic, but unless you give something a shot, you probably won't appreciate or understand the complexities of that something.

Branch out:

So what are some things you can do as gamers to improve your hobby? For some of us this means trying to convert models more than you normally would, learning how to make and play more tactical army lists or even simply painting a model/army. Also, the internet has such a wide array of resources available, from gaming blogs to hobby blogs and tutorials so rather than focus on your niche in the hobby, try reading a blog or article or forum that doesn't focus on one aspect of the hobby.

For me, I am currently working on my converting and greenstuff skills by converting some Fantasy High Elf Dragon Prince models into Eldar Fire Dragons and adding random Fire Dragon bits to my army to spice things up as well as getting an army fully painted.


  1. Hear hear.

    I've deliberately picked 40K and WFB armies that will stretch me as a modeller and storyteller, since I already do my best painting and playing with Warmachine and Hordes. The resource pages I'm adding to my blog are partly there to jab me into actually doing research, too.

  2. Nice, feel free to link me some of the work you are doing. I plan on expanding this blog to cover some WIP material in regarding the converting/hobby aspect of my armies.

    I used to be that player who showed up to tournaments to wreck face and just win games with little or no thought to any other aspect of the hobby even looking down on it as menial. So, I think I have come a long way!

    What factions and armies do you play for warhammer/40k and WM/Hordes? I actually have some Retribution for WM, TK for Warhammer and for 40k I also have a Thousand Sons army locked away in my black library. =)

  3. My weakness is paining as I am far from being a natural artist.

    I love making and converting models, and I love playing games, but sadly painting sometimes feel like a grind, so I normally have to be in the right 'mood' to paint.

    After I have finished my Space Wolves (which is why I have dipped my toe into the world of blogging) I'm doing a silly dreadnought army which at 2k only has 31 models, so I can spend ages on each model.

  4. yeah, Painting has always seemed a drag of sorts. I definitely did not have the patience for it when I was younger but now I think I have a bit more so I'll be giving it a shot over time! So far, my Eldar army has only roughly 20 infantry and 10-15 jetbikers plus a bunch of tanks. I always liked small model count armies now that I think about it!