Sunday, August 18, 2013

Want a Warbringer Maximus MKII Titan w/ weapons?

 I recently won a Warbringer Maximus MKII Titan with Voltron Cannons and am offering it up for sale...Details after the break!

So yeah, one of my prizes in the Golden Throne GT was the Warbringer Maximus MKII Titan w/ Voltron Cannons which I am told retails for $510. I am offering it up for sale for $400 OBO because I have some bills I need to pay =(. Email me at if you are serious about wanting to purchase this bad boy from me!

Link to pictures of the parts here and a link to the official company web page that made the titan here.


  1. I think you got told wrong's 350 eruos on their website with free shipping of about $467 dollars american

  2. Oops, I guess I was told wrong, and perhaps the guy thought it was British pounds or something? If it is Euros, it brings the retail value up to 510...

    Keep in mind the arm weapons are sold separately so it is actually 380 Euros (2 arm weapons are included). I will adjust to price accordingly, thank's for the catch!