Sunday, August 18, 2013

A fellow Blogger to check out:

One neat thing about going to a big GT is meeting lotsa cool new people and seeing awesome armies. This year at the Golden Throne GT I met a Michael Tangney who had a really cool Eldar army so I wanted to point anyone who hasn't already checked out his blog towards his blog!

This is a bad shot of Michael's army, it looked amazing with tons of cool conversions!
Hopefully he will do a pictorial of his army/models soon.

So without further adieu, his blog can be found here, so check it out and say hi! He has some nifty battle reports and WIPs of his Eldar.

Sadly, I didn't bring a great camera but I would have loved to otherwise get a collection of pictures to showcase other Eldar armies because there were quite a few great players and painters showing off their awesome Eldar skills on the tabletop and with the paintbrush.

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  1. Thanks mate. Appreciate the bump. Have some new warpspider conversions that I think you might like :)