Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yriel's official 6th edition Eldar guide!

6th edition is a very different game now and Eldar will play in a very different way as far as I can tell. The changes to how psychic powers, movement, shooting and assault work now will see us changing our armies to play to the rules or it will see us failing horribly as we cling to outmoded ways of waging war.

With all of that said, I am starting to write what will be my 6th edition Eldar tactical guide. This will of course be updated as I get feedback, more experience and as the new Eldar codex comes out (hopefully next year). It will be divided up into several parts covering every unit entry in the codex as well as some basic and advanced Eldar tactics in light of 6th edition. Please feel free to ask any questions you guys might have both specifically and generally as well as anything in particular you guys would like tactics/advice on. I'll answer as best I can and include them in my tactica.


  1. Hey mate,

    1ste how will the eldar deal with Flyers, fortifications or allies?

    2de are we able to be playable with allies or are we going to be the allies to other armies?

    3de what do you think about the current state of our fast skimmers in particular the Waveserpent. Being fast and now being able to fire all weapons at 12" will we see an increase in pure firepower or is this merely a positive in a long list of negatives?

  2. Regarding your first question, fliers can be dealt with by using Vibro Cannons or mass S6 shooting with guide but those may not be practical solutions. Ultimately, we don't have a great answer to them other than maybe using some allies or fortifications ourselves.

    Aegis Defense Line has some Skyfire/AA upgrades so we can get a weapon through that means while we can also ally with Dark Eldar and get flier of our own to take out enemy fliers (or even IG if we want to get some Hydras/Vendettas).

    Regarding enemy fortifications, we can pretty much just treat them as terrain in game and if they are using building rules, Fire Dragons are the answer.

    Regarding your second post, Eldar are very playable with allies as DE can join our units and be buffed by our powers so getting a Fortuned Archon with a Shadowfield will be a nice boost to any unit while we can get some access to cheap lances.

    Fast Skimmers will be decent still if not more fragile as all vehicles will be. They will be much faster (30" a turn normally or 42" with Star Engines). Wave Serpents with underslung Cannon upgrade will probably see a resurgence as you'll be able to get a lot more shots off along with Vypers shooting everything as they move 12". Being able to get a 5+ cover save as long as we move helps a lot while close combat will make our tanks cry even more as we are hit at worst on a 3+.

  3. I can see now that swooping hawks will be useful tank hunters. Throwing haywire grenades. Glancing taking hullpoints... they're actually useful now.

    Warpspiders. Hammer of Wrath, strength 6 assault 2 death spinner. They can glance now transports and light vehicles like silly...

    I can easily see till new Codex hits that I replicate my lovely banshees now with Striking Scorpions. Them throwing plasma grenades and infiltrate now way more vlauable.

    You really cannot play banshees that effectively way you used to played with those. They're now more a counter attack unit. You cannot effectively transport them. You cannot charge out of serpent and overwatch. And they get shredded if they footslog

    Dangnet, I hope new Codex hits really soon here. Eldars have real difficulties with flyers now.

  4. I agree that swooping hawks/Warp Spiders are a lot better now in their anti tank/anti infantry rolls.

    Warp Spiders are better at AV 10-12 due to the S6 spam as well as all infantry since they can tie up targets after shooting and stick around with a 3+ save then hit and run.

    Swooping Hawks are better against light infantry and 13+ vehicles that our normal shooting will have a hard time penetrating in that lasblasters are ok against IG type units while the Haywire grenades will hit and glance any tank to death.

    Sadly, I think Swooping Hawks will not be used much because they are very fragile and will become more fragile in that I foresee an increase in anti infantry firepower. Fire Dragons in a Serpent may still be our best alternative to taking out Land Raiders/Battle Wagons.

    Banshees do get hosed since our serpents are not assault vehicles and the banshee unit will not be able to assault the turn they disembark, STUPID rule GW, oh well. I they are on foot you could always Fortune them and go to ground if they are shot but Harlequins are by far superior.

    As far as fliers go, our codex doesn't really have any options for dealing with them (like a lot of other armies) but Fliers HAVE to start the game in reserves so you won't see them coming in until turn 2 on a 3+ and they have limited mobility, can't score or contest so it's not TOO bad.

    Ultimately, we'll probably only be able to get dedicated anti flier stuff through fortifications and allies. =(

  5. Maybe I'm missing something but Fortune is thrown around a lot but doesn't only have a 6'' range from the Farseer? Meaning that essentially the Seer has to be in the squad or very close to it?

  6. Plot, correct, Fortune has a very limited range but that generally isn't a problem as the targets you want to cast the power on will either be near the Farseer or the Farseer will be in the squad.

  7. Yes, but spending a Farseer to make banshees somewhat more survivable doesn't seem right.. Especially now, when he isn't able to affect footslogging units with his powers from within a vehicle. Unfortunately the ladies will have to wait on the shelf until the next codex comes out.. :(

  8. Well, actually you can cast powers from a vehicle onto your own units. However, fotslogging banshees or even transported banshees are pretty bad in the current edition, especially since they can't slice through terminators.

    Farseers are viable to keep in a unit that will form the anchor of an army like Wraithguard or Harlequins.

    1. I mean, the new BRB powers can definitely not be cast outside a transport. (look at page 67 under "declaring a target").. However I'm not sure If our codex overrules that with the description on page 28 "...and do not require the Eldar psyker to have line of sight to target"..?
      What do you think?

    2. If a power does not need LOS to the target, then it can target units outside of a transport but not units inside a transport (as those units are technically not on the table for targeting purposes). This is a weird anachronism between a 4th ed codex and 6th ed rules. The Codex rules>BRB in this case unless mentioned otherwise.

    3. Yes, but the "no LOS rule" from the codex is obviously referring to the codex powers. I believe there will be a lot of arguing whether LOS will be needed for using BRB powers with Eldar. :-/

    4. There wil be a lot of arguing over a lot of things, lol! Consider how assaulting out of a vehicle is not allowed in the unit't subsequent assault phase and the Assault Vehicle rule that ONLY allows a unit to charge on the turn they disembark from their vehicle.

      If a unit has to disembark due to their transport being a wreck on any turn other than their own, they cannot charge in their subsequent turn because the assault rule only lets them charge that specific turn...

      Also, the Eldar FAQ is worded to give Harlequins Shrouding, Stealth AND the 2d6 spotting range but the DE FAQ makes no mention about Harlequins,

      So either Harlequins should have both 2d6 spotting range and +3 to cover saves, OR +3 to cover saves only...What is it GW?