Sunday, July 1, 2012

A silly 1850 6th edition list...

Eldar are not what they used to be in 6th. They do have some interesting, if not silly, tricks up their sleeves and I made a list to try and showcase some of them. This involves using 9 Vibro

So my silly list idea involves taking advantage of the fact that glancing hits in numbers are sufficient to take down any tanks we might encounter. When tanks are down, infantry is out so a good amount of anti infantry in the form of shooting and close combat makes for what I think a silly but solid list in 6th:

1850 list:

HQ: 380

-Eldrad: 210
Eldrad keeps Eldar powers to be able to fortune twice and reliably cast Eldar powers

-Farseer: stones, witnessing, doom, guide, eldrich storm, mind war=170
Exchange 4 powers for divination and hope for some good powers. Choosing a Farseer to get book powers over Eldrad is mainly because you will only need to cast 2 of the book powers at any given situation IMO and Eldrad can be a powerhouse with the codex powers. You mainly want to hope for the powers 1-3 and exchange any other one for the one that lets you re-roll hits.

Elites: 184

-HarlequinsX7, shadowseer, kisses=184
Fortuned 2+ cover save to hang out with Wraith Guard and counter charge anything that gets near WG. With the power to re-roll hits (from BRB) and with doom, this unit becomes amazing against anything that should come near, even against vehicles. The death jester is just there for some extra firepower and another pinning weapon.

Troops: 642

-WraithguardX10, spiritseer, embolden=386
WG are solid, especially with potential new powers giving them the ability to have a 4+ invul save (fortuned pleased) and to overwatch on unmodified BS... Throw in an allied Archon if you want and then laugh at anyone who tries to assault your squad...Embolden is there to allow our Farseers to re-roll psychic tests incase they fail or perils which is just an extra layer of psychic protection and reliance.


Snipers that allocated where the AP 1 shot goes? Against a doomed target, these are gold and they are survivable troops.

-Guardian Jet BikesX3=66
They can score, they can deny, they can move 48" a turn...Truly an amazing contesting unit or objective grabbing unit. 

Fast Attack: 193

-Warp SpidersX8, Exarch, twin death spinners=193
They can lay down a scary amount of shooting, are super fast and mobile and in some missions fast attack units can score. 

Heavy Support: 450

-Vibro CannonsX3=150

-Vibro CannonsX3=150

-Vibro CannonsX3=150

I know what you are thinking, Vibro Cannons!? Well hear me out...each battery will automatically inflict a glancing hit on a vehicle hit and do d6 s6 hits on infantry. In 2 turns, you can take out a horrendous amount of vehicles considering you can hit multiples with the cannons and how they virtually ignore cover unless tank is touching terrain/smoked.

Also, consider flyers, Vibro cannons will inflict an automatic glancing hit on flyers without needing to roll to hit them on a 6! Take that Valkaries! Not to mention these guys can score in a select mission lol...

-Total points:1849

Overall, the list has 5 sources of pinning attacks (6 if you count Eldrtich storm lol) which can mess with a lot of armies. It doesn't need super heavy duty anti tank with Vibro Cannons taking off 3 hull points a turn from multiple tanks and the anti infantry is decent. Throw in the fact that WG are phenomenal at taking out anything while being a solid anvil and that you can hit targets in CC with Vibro Cannons, you have some nice synergy going on there incase you do get charged. Hope you get the "re-roll armor save" power and laugh at meq/terminators that have to re-roll their gazillion armor saves you will hopefully be putting on them each turn =).

What do you guys think?


  1. I thought Vibro cannons only inflict 1 glancing hit? So three at the max for a single battery... Thats if I'm reading the rules right as I think the case can be made that 3 cannons only inflict 1 glancing hit since the rest of the weapon desc. treats 3 cannons as one shot with it just raising the strength.

  2. Yes, it is one glance, but he has three squads of them. If he intersects his three lines, that's an instant removal of three hull points. Plus, if he can make those lines go through other tanks in addition, those are bonus hull points taken off. Vibro cannons are awesome now, enjoy them now, the new codex will most definitely nerf them.

  3. How did he get 3 HQ units? Eldrad, farseer and spiritseer with the wraithguard makes 3...m..

  4. This was from the previous codex where a Spirit Seer was just a Warlock upgrade for a unit of Wraithguard-they were completely different back then =).