Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Interview for The 11th Company 40k podcast!

Last week I was interviewed by Pat from The 11th Company 40k podcast crew. They just posted the episode with my interview in it yesterday so I wanted to drop a line about it.

Ok, so I'm no celebrity but it's still pretty cool to get some air time!

The web page for The 11th company can be found here and the interview is just a simple/general one about my 'Ard boyz eldar army list and some general Eldar talk but it's exciting having some press so please check out the episode with my interview! I am on at around 46ish minutes in and it goes on for 15 minutes, the direct link to the podcast can be found here. If that doesn't work, you can look them up on Itunes and download episode 91 =).

That is all, just a shameless "look at me, I'm on the interwebz" plug =).


  1. Good interview. I think the rarity of Eldar these days does aid in winning games these days. There are a good number of tactics to be utilized that, if successful, make the Eldar appear to be very competitive. However, if the tactic fails, then the Eldar tend to fall apart quick.

    I like your assessment of the Wraithguard, but I've found taking them as a Troop choice not overly viable unless it is a 2500 point game. Once you insert the applicable IC into the unit for further protection, you are looking at 500+ points for this hammer unit.

    Good interview. Definitely looking forward to future tactics articles.

  2. Thanks Charlie. I like the wraithguard in any game size because regardless of the points cost, it is great in kill points and also scoring since it is so difficult to dislodge. You then just need some other random stuff to contest other objectives and you win =).