Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yriel's updated Tyranid Fandex...Now also in PDF format!

This post has an updated version of my Tyranid Fandex now available in a PDF format! Take a look and give me any further feedback. Also, going over some old pictures on my phone, I have a TON of battle reports to write up for you guys, including my Feast of Blades games, sheesh I am such a slacker!

So yeah, thank you to everyone who gave feedback, I took it to heart and changed things around a bit so I think this new version of the Fandex is shaping up to be a pretty good one. I welcome further comments and feedback to fine tune things!

Fandex in PDF form can be found here.

Also, once things wind down a little bit more regarding law school, I will start posting more Battle Reports...I currently have over 10 from various armies such as Thousand Sons, Eldar and even the new Tyranids to get to you guys.

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  1. Thanks for the PDF. Will go through it and give some feedback, if I find anything