Friday, October 11, 2013

Delays and more delays!

So I'm currently sitting at the terminal of John Wayne Airport in Orange County awaiting my (delayed) flight to get to Denver Colorado for this year's Feast of Blades tournament. I thought I'd take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to post a bit about my tournament army/aspirations and what rock I've been hiding under!

So for starters, I moved not too long ago and don't have internet yet so blogging is relatively difficult (and has been very delayed) with my current set-up but I definitely plan on continuing with more battle reports and tactical articles. I especially want to focus on tutorials with how to use each and every unit as even if some of our stuff is bad (*cough* Banshees), it might be worthwhile to see how they can or should still be used on the tabletop.

With that said, my progress at Feast of Blades should be tracked by Torrent of Fire and my username is Mortetvie incase anyone is interested in stalking me as I progress through the event. I hope to post pictures and updates here as I progress as well, so stay tuned!

Wish me luck and if anyone is going to be at Feast of Blades and wants to meet up, email me at and let me know where you are so I can come by and say hi.

So my army is nothing new and in the end, I just threw some tried and tested units together with some last minute adjustments to fill in points. In hind-sight, I wish I got a Stimulant Injector and Shield Generator on the Tau Commander but oh well.

Total: 1849

Eldar Primary: 1313

HQ: 170

-Farseer: 100
-Spiritseer: 70


-Wraithguard: 32(base)*5=160+50(D-Scythes)=210
Wave Serpent: 115(base)+5(scatter laser)+15(holofields)=135

-Wraithguard: 32(base)*5=160
Wave Serpent: 115(base)+5(scatter laser)+15(holofields)=135

-Windriders: 17(base)*3=51

Heavy Support: 452

-Dark Reapers: 30(base)*5=150+32(Starshot)+10(exarch)+10(eml)+10(fast shot)=212

-Wraithknight: 240

Fortification: 85
-aegis: 50(base)+85(Icarus)=85

Tau Allies: 451

85(base)+15(Multi Senso Suite)+15+20(Puretide Neuro-engram Chip)+15(Command & Control)+25(Heavy Iridium Armor)+2(neuroweb system jammer)+5(onager gauntlet)+5(vectored retro thrusters)+5(Flamer)+24(2x shield drones)=201

180(base)+5(Ion Accelerator)+5(interceptor)=190


I think the armies to beat will be Tau with Riptide death-star; Screamer-star; Helldrake spam; Flying MC spam; Eldar Serpent spam and even Necron flyer/Wraith spam. Ultimately, if you can prepare for all of these threats, then it comes down to player skill and playing to objectives. There are plenty of games where dice were just not going my way but because I played to the missions I won.


  1. Looking forward to your unit tutorials, especially the bad units (*cough* Banshees) :-) for players in non-competitive games that wont to "put up a good fight" with their favorite units.