Sunday, May 6, 2012


So we like 40k. We have hopes and dreams for what 6th edition will be like. Based on some of the rumors, if 40k 6th is anything like fantasy 8th, we are in for a lot of shattered hopes and dreams (I think)...

Today's meta game...

What do you guys want to see in 40k? I for one just want to see greater balance and not have such a slanted meta game *cough* IG, SW, GK *cough*.

-I would like there not to be such an emphasis and prevalence of vehicles.
-I would like the reliance and importance of shooting to be toned down a bit. In 3rd and 4th, shooting was fine and dandy but Close Combat was where the game was really decided and won and that was cool (unless you were Tau).
-I would like TLOS to get tossed out, terrain in 4th edition was fine and as it stands, TLOS ruins Tyranids and the viability of monstrous creatures.
-I would like to see cover/go to ground get adjusted so 30 million Orks and Guardsmen are not as durable as Terminators with storm shields to shooting.
-I would like the rules to be balanced, fun, flavorful and conducive to a competitive setting.

-I might want someone other than GW to work on warhammer 6th =(. But anyway, time will tell and we will see if 40k will be ruined or made better!


  1. I think that part of the problem is that people don't play with enough terrain.

    Back in Second ed, I remember the old saying(from Andy Chambers if I recall correctly) "The more terrain the better."
    Sure 2nd Ed was more skirmish based, but the idea was sound.

    It seems that more & more people are playing with less terrain, sure you need to allow space for people to drive their Land Raiders etc about.

    This is the real problem that relates back to True Line of Sight, which is fine. If you see it, you can shoot at it, easy.

    40k gamers as a whole need to stop being lazy and build/buy some more LoS blocking terrain an throw it on the table, not these vast wastelands that seem to predominate the current gaming scene.

    I can tell you from my personal military experience.... open terrain is treated as an obstacle that should be avoided as much as possible.

    1. Thank's for your insight. I definitely agree that more terrain is better, especially with TLOS in effect. There needs to be more LOS blocking terrain so that shooty armies do not have such a distinct advantage.

      I find it annoying, however, that you can shoot a projectile larger than a hole in a building you can seen through at a target. If someone can only see a tiny fin part of my tank through a bunch of rubble and a tiny hole, I don't think they should be able to blow the tank up completely, that is absurd but that is TLOS. I disagree with TLOS and miss the old terrain rules.

      Ultimately, I just wish they could balance cover with terrain/LOS issues. I don't like that IG can win games simply by going first and having a good round of shooting. If they made terrain less protective and LOS more prohibitive, you would see an increased use and effectiveness in those hardly used low AP weapons in the Eldar armory.

      In the end, the way I play my armies, I don't have a big problem with the meta-game but it is still frustrating to look at Eldar compared to what other armies can do and for how much cheaper they can do it. I still cry when I look at the vendetta compared to any Eldar grav tank =(.

    2. I agree with you on the IG comments, it seems everyone (Imperials at least) is getting the vehicle tricks that used to be a staple of the Eldar. Very annoying indeed... I can only hope that when they finally get around to giving us a new dex, they really make our vehicles either(or preferably both) cheaper or very tough to shoot at & give us some of our fire-power back, considering in my view our fire-power should only be outmatched by the Tau (or our arrogance).

    3. "Their arrogance is matched only by their firepower..." Indeed. It seems Eldar are not very arrogant in the latter erra of 5th =(.

      The fact that our Wave Serpents count anything above S8 as S8, no extra D6 for pen (including ordinance, melta or rending) I would say they are still amongst the most durable tanks out there. The only problem is, when everyone was spamming lascannons and paying for it and didn't have the gazillion autocannon/S8 missile spam shots, our tanks did great and were appropriately costed.

      I look forward to seeing how they work out the Eldar codex. I would imagine being able to move 12" and fire two weapons would be something provided for Eldar either through an upgrade or inherent rule. Points drop would be nice too, costing 100 points with nothing but a shiruken catapult is pretty weak, I think maybe 75 or 85 with the shiruken cannon is more apropriate.

      The biggest issue is the weapon costs and vehicle upgrades, we'll just have to wait and see =D.