Monday, February 20, 2012

A "change" of pace...

While Eldar was one of my first and favorite armies of all time, there are a few others that I've played consistently and have revisited a few times. Recently, in the wake of crazy 6th edition rumors and CSM rumors, I've been converting and building up a sizable Thousand Sons army, this post is just to showcase some of the models/conversions I've been concocting, feedback and advice welcome!

So yeah, if Codex: CSM and Tyranids did not suck so much, I'd probably be playing those armies a lot more but GW likes to take my favorite armies and make them suck, so I am praying that they make the upcoming Eldar and CSM releases better. Just incase GW makes CSM competitive and viable, here is a Thousand Sons army I am putting together to play in the future...

First up, what army isn't complete with-out a demon prince? I had the idea for this model as soon as the Grey Knight Dreadknight model came out... Previously, I had been using Be'lakor as my demon prince (a totally sweet model if you have one), but I had the idea to make a Dreadknight look as if it had been possessed by a demon and so this is the WIP.

The front...
I plan on using green stuff to connect the demon bits together to look like they are attached and integrating themselves into the Dreadknight, hard to explain so I'll have to take more pictures when I am done. A lot of details on this model, I will update more pics when I take better ones, for sure. The model involves bits from Tombkings, CSM, Nids, Chaos Demons and GK.

The back side..

Next up are some of my WIP rubrics. I started with a GK kit and took the legs and back end of the torso and put it all together with the CSM Thousand Son front torso. I put the TS head on, then put on the GK stormbolter arms and used a CSM vehicle upgrade gargoyle head for the barrel. For the sword, I used the GK powersword hilt with a Tomb King Tombguard sword bit. I think they came together rather well. The sorcerer is just the stock Thousand Son sorcerer model with GK arms positioned to hold Be'Lakor's giant sword.

What Thousand Son army wouldn't be complete without some Rubric terminators? One of my favorite units to make was the terminators, I've put them together using both GK pewter and plastic kits combined with some Tombking, CSM and Kromlech bits. There was a lot of filing/cutting/drilling and pinning involved but without going into too much detail, below are the WIP terminators with some of my favorite models on their own.

Below are some of my older, painted Rubric termiantors:

Well, that's all the pictures I have sofar, I'll post more as it all comes along. If anyone plays Thousand Sons, feel free to post some of their favorite army lists in the comments below and we can go over them together, its not easy getting the right balance of anti tank, infantry and CC in a CSM these days =(.

Updating this post with a picture of my WIP landraider:


  1. The introduction to your post seemed so ho-hum that I wasn't expecting much from your models.

    Then, I kept scrolling down...the lower I went, the lower my jaw dropped.

    I am happy that you combined the dreadknight and necrosphinx kits. Those two seemed to be begging for some cool Egyptian kitbash.

    I love EVERYTHING.

    For gaming purposes, I would dare to say that you have no reason to run this as Chaos, sadly. Chaos Terminators aren't so hot, especially Tzeentch ones.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, lol, I'll need to take more pictures of the details! Lately, I've been using this army as a GK army just so I can enjoy winning with the models =), mainly Draigo wing with the terminators.

      Its hard coming up with a good CSM list but I think I might try one in a few months. What do you play and what does your list typically look like?